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Modern 11:00 Am

Looking to take the next step in your faith? Want to find an amazing group of people to walk beside you in life? Our Small Groups have two focuses. The first is personal growth in Christ. The other is growing closer to other Christians. If you would like to visit one of our Small Groups, click the the link below. We will get you in touch with our Small Groups leader.


*These groups are meeting at this time.*

HOPE is an opportunity to slow down for a moment, and know what we all need to understand most: you’re loved. You will hear stories from women like you, women who have messy lives, hard questions, and busy schedules. They will tell you how God found them in the midst of their chaos and how He found a way to say to their hearts, I’m here. Come find encouragement, comfort, and companionship. You don’t have to feel alone, God is with you and your sisters are too.

Prepare for laughter and fellowship with your Soul Sisters in Christ from any stage of life as we study the word together to grow in our walk with God. Each season, we choose together a different study, ranging from books of the Bible to spiritual guidance for everyday life, and meet regularly to share a video lesson and our thoughts and direction of the Holy Spirit. 

Led by Leslie Lloyd

It is time for men to be real about their manhood as it appears with Jesus as our leader. This group is a place for men to be real about their struggles with sin and their insecurities about being a man in this current climate where manhood is being challenged in every avenue. It is a place where you will never be beaten up for your failures but rather lifted up and encouraged to overcome. It is a place where we learn together to MANUP and be the men than God has called us to be.

We do needle work and coloring books but you can just do you! Do your quilting or painting or just come and chat. We will be morving online becase I miss your faces and would love to see new faces.  So come and join us for a great time of crafting and coloring. 

FIT FOR A KING is an exercise class for a renewal of mind, body and spirit. We will meet every Monday @ 10 am in the fellowship hall.   Contact Judy Storey for more information  at 770 313-6877. 

Worthy Warriors is a time of fellowship and Bible study.  We need to be with other Christians.  We need to have more and more of God’s Word in our hearts and minds.  These two things can help equip us to be Worthy Warriors for Christ.  

ALIVE (Always Living in View of Eternity) is a mixed group of adult believers who meet weekly to study and apply God's word to every day life and support each other in our journey of faith. Text Dennis at 540-842-7962 for more info.

Truth Seekers meets on Wednesday nights. In addition to a time of prayer, this is a “verse by verse” study of God’s Word to equip us with God’s truth, rather than man’s truth. It takes effort to overcome common misunderstandings of God’s Word but it worth it.

Groups currently not meeting at this time. 

Our Men's Ministry meets once a month for a prayer breakfast. (And there is ALWAYS bacon!) It is a great time of fellowship with men of all ages. We also have a men's softball team that helps build relationships. If you would like to join the team or join us for breakfast, contact the church office.

Are you in your 20's? If you are, then our Young Adults Ministry is just for you. Our Young Adults are very important to our church. The Young Adults Ministry is lead by our Youth Minister, Justin Coates. He has a great passion for young adults. Our Young Adult groups enjoy a Sunday school class, small group, retreats, and tons of random events. If you want to learn more, click the button below to contact Justin.


W.I.N.G.S. Ministry (Women In God's Service) is a group of ladies who meet together and have open discussions about Jesus and the Word. There are many different branches of this ministry: A Sr. Ladies' Exercise group, Bible studies, Penz 'n Needles crafting group, and more. We would love it if you would come and visit with us.