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Letters to the Church Chapter 4


This week the staff discussed chapter 4 of the book titled, Letters to the Church. In chapter 4, Chan begins this chapter with an interesting statement, he states “we live in a time when people go to a building on Sunday mornings, attend an hour-long service and call themselves members of the church.” (page 69) Does attending church one hour a week make us a church member?  Is that all it takes? Many times we see people come and set in the pew for an hour a week or an hour a month and go home and live like they never met Jesus.

What kind of characteristics should a church member have? Chan challenges the church to be filled with sacrificial and selfless love. A church family should be one that forgives, shows grace and serves one another. “Real love, unity and blessing were supposed to be found in the church” (Page 81). You can’t fake being authentic in your love for others. Your true feelings will show.

In the later part of chapter 4, Chan brings up the topic of people leaving the church. Chan, like many other pastors believe that if a person wants to leave the church, then we should allow them to leave. There are some people that are scared of the idea of people leaving their church. Occasionally, a new or immature Christian will get made about something in the church and threaten to leave, or they will leave for greener pastures. God did not tell the church to fear this.  Chan states, “you can’t shape the life of your church around who might leave if things start to feel too much like the New Testament.” God sometimes will make us uncomfortable in order to move us to another destination where He can use us.