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Letters to the Church Chapter 2

Chapter 2 

Letters to the Church

Francis Chan 

The staff of WCC has been working through Francis Chan’s book “Letters to the Church.”  

As usual Chan is quite upfront and challenging in his writings.  

The chapter this week was simply entitled “Sacred.”  But it was far from simple.  Chan challenged the reader right away with how loose we are today with anything close to being what is Biblically “sacred.”  He started off with some examples from the Bible where God punished people for what seem to us today to be rather minor infractions.  And God’s punishment was quite severe!  

He went on to challenge the reader (and the staff) as to how we have given into the world’s way of thinking and have lost any Bible based sense of what is truly sacred.   We rush through all of life, including the church.   He stressed that American Christians, including himself, are too guilty of following worldly thinking and worldly standards.

One of the biggest, most basic points is that when it comes to the sacred, it is not about us.  It is about God, who is so much bigger, so much holier (another word for sacred) than we are.  And until we get back to a more Biblical understanding of God and what sacred is, we will be missing out on a great deal in this life.  

As a minister of over forty years, I found this chapter to be very insightful and, to use the word again, challenging.    All of which pointed to a better, more Godly way.